South Hero Meeting House Blog

Why We Love the Meeting House

“The Old White Meeting House is South Hero’s Norman Rockwell postcard of a quaint Vermont town whose people gather with ingenuity and foresight to support each other and turn daunting obstacles into heartfelt accomplishments. The church was the first outcome of countless coordinated good deeds. Imagine how many generations of people have been away from South Hero in both good times and bad, only to return and immediately feel at ease, at home, as they gaze up to an old friend with her cupola proudly in the clouds. We have very few historic public buildings here in South Hero. They deserve our appreciation and care.”           

Those words were written by Bret Corbin in 2012, a love letter to South Hero, supporting the Old White Meeting House Cupola Restoration Project. His sentiments still ring true today as we embark on restoring the existing foundation of the Meeting House and stabilizing the east wall by taking out the garage bays and adding three windows and clapboard to match.  Although it was built by skilled volunteer barn builders in 1816, the years have taken their toll and the building needs our renewed support.  The town of South Hero applied for and was awarded a $100,000 grant from the Paul Bruhn Grant for buildings on the historic register. The grant requires matching funds so anyone interested in supporting the South Hero Meeting House Foundation & Stabilization Project can donate by sending a check to the South Hero Foundation, Inc., PO Box 441, South Hero, VT 05486. Please be sure to mark the check and envelope with “South Hero Meeting House Foundation Project.” The South Hero Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit.