About Us

A group of community volunteers came together a few years ago to explore interest in restoring and renovating the South Hero Meeting House for year-round use. The Town applied for and received two planning grants. The Committee has also formed the non-profit South Hero Foundation Inc. to facilitate fundraising for the renovation and revitalization of the Meeting House. Gifts to further this work can be made online here, or by sending a check made out to the South Hero Foundation Inc., PO Box 441, South Hero, VT 05486.

The first planning grant paid for a community wide survey and an assessment of the structural integrity of the building. The assessment indicated that the building will need work on the foundation and restoration of the East wall, which was compromised when large bay doors were cut into it to accommodate fire and rescue vehicles. The community survey showed strong support for using the building for a wide range of activities.

The second planning grant covered the costs of preliminary plans for basic restoration, paving the way for a full renovation and restoration project that could begin as early as 2022. See below for PDFs of the reports on the project.

Project Update

First Planning Grant Final Report – Includes Engineering Ventures assessment of the building and resuts of community survey.

Contract with Arnold & Scangas for architectural, engineering, environmental and historical reviews

2020 VCDP Planning Grant Information – Progress to date: Select Board to accept bid for engineering work summer 2021 in preparation for construction to begin in 2022.


  • David C. Carter, Chair
  • Michael Carroll
  • Beth Curtis
  • Bret Corbin
  • Sandy Gregg
  • Sarah Kjelleren
  • Terry Robinson
  • Linda Seavey
  • Pamela Surprenant
  • Carol Tremble
  • Mary Harwood, Consultant
  • Robin Way
  • Emily Kloft & Greta Brunswick, Northwest Regional Planning Commission