South Hero Meeting House Blog

Grant Awarded to Plan for the Revitalization of the Old White Meeting House

South Hero’s 1816 Meeting House. Photo courtesy of: South Hero Historical Society
The Town of South Hero has been awarded a Vermont Community Development Program (VCDP) Planning Grant to plan for the revitalization of the Old White Meeting House, a historic building located in its Village Center. Currently, the building is in need of major repairs, and is only able to be used seasonally. 

Funds from VCDP and the Town will be used to develop an architectural schematic design, cost estimate for renovations, and site plan. The ultimate goal of the project is to revitalize the building for year-round use as a multipurpose community space, as well as for continued seasonal use as the Granny’s Attic Benefit Shop. Northwest Regional Planning Commission is working in partnership with South Hero to manage the project.

This project arose from a Municipal Planning Grant (MPG) the Town received in 2019. As part of the MPG, NRPC conducted public outreach regarding the community’s vision for the future of the building which informed the project’s goal of renovating the structure to be used year-round as a multi-purpose community space and Granny’s Attic.